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    Paramaribo, Suriname
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CEAD Construction N.V. is a construction company focusing on the development, construction and project management and offers a wide variety of specialized industrial services.

Our team is dedicated to delivering quality by ensuring a highly capable labor force and strict supervision policies during execution, while coordinating all aspects from pre-construction through commissioning. Our services include performing Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentation construction projects.

Production operations at CEAD Construction N.V. are divided into two main categories:

• Shop Operations (work conducted at our main Work Shop Facilities)

• Field Operations (work conducted away from our main Work Shop Facilities; this may be at the Customer's facilities or a desginated work or installation site)

Several support and supervisory systems are in place to facilitate the effective flow and execution of these operations. CEAD Construction N.V. is also equipped with its own skilled labor group (welders, fitters, etc.), which may vary in size from a fixed number of 20 member to peaks of 100. CEAD Manpower N.V. , a sister company, maintains a large database of experienced craftsmen and technicians, all of whom can be contacted and called out at short notice as and when required.

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